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Granny Videos » Kelly loves cock

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Kelly loves cock

Featuring Kelly Alston
Date 10/12/2016
Duration 26:45 min.
How wild is 50-year-old divorcee Kelly Alston? We'll let her tell a story that paints the best picture. "A few years ago, I went to spend the weekend with my then-boyfriend," she said. "He was busy working all weekend, so he invited three of his friends over to entertain me. They fucked me all at the same time! I have to admit, it was the best sex I'd ever had. I had one in my hand, one my mouth, one in my pussy, then they'd switch around, and they all ended up cumming on my ass. "I'm pretty open when it comes to sex, but I'm definitely not easy. I never have sex on the first date. Never on the second, either. The first date, I like to get to know a person. The second date, we can do something like play golf or ride bikes.

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March 13, 2017
Love her!