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Look at Sheila. She seems so sweet. But this wife is definitely the kind of woman who you want to keep happy. "If I don't get laid at least once a day, I pity the person who crosses my path." Even if that person has a cock that's ready to fuck her? "I can be just unbearable to be around. And I've never been one for popping my own cork. I need a big, strong cock to make me cum." She gets one here, right there in a store. Hey, when Sheila's ready to go, any place will do. "Sometimes I feel like I can't get enough sex," Sheila said in her sexy South Carolina accent. "When I get really horny, I have to find a much-younger man to keep up with me."
She's a 42-year-old MILF who's learned that sex begins after 40. And get this: She can even squirt on demand! She was the church lady. The woman down the block who dropped her two kids off at school in the morning, went home to clean the house and sold some cosmetics door-to-door in the afternoon. She was the woman-next-door. The average, everyday housewife, living the average, everyday life. Her sex life was nothing special. In fact, it was boring. Nothing we'd write about. But then Ami Charms turned 40. Lovers of 40something women know that big things happen sexually to a woman when she turns 40. Three years ago, something big happened to Ami. She didn't merely discover her sexuality. She turned into a sex-bomb, willing to give blow jobs to the pizza delivery man, fuck in broad daylight while driving down the street and get her pussy eaten on a hotel balcony while a crowd cheered her on. She's done all that, and then some. And she isn't slowing down. Not at all. If you can come up with something crazy for Ami to do, she'll gladly do it. As long as it involves sex. Check her out.
Nicky is from Russia. She's divorced. She was 47 and living in Florida when she shot this scene. Here, she plays out the oldest porn scene in the book: She calls the cable guy for an installation and ends up having him install his hard-on in her pussy. Happens all the time. "My favorite part was sucking his cock," Nicky said of her scene. "I was so hard and spongy at the same time, and I had a hard time getting my lips around it. I also loved when he finger-fucked my pussy while I was giving him a blow job." She also liked when he shot his load on her face. Nicky said her three ex-husbands would be shocked if they saw this. "They were always complaining that I didn't like sex enough," she said. "What they didn't understand is that I didn't like sex with them. I like big cocks. They didn't have them."
This is what happens when you have a doctor who's a famous porn star. Most doctors will just fuck you on the bill. Dr. Nina Hartley will fuck your cock. She'll suck it, too, of course. The dude in this scene had no idea he was in for the time of his life when he went to the doctor and found out that the legendary Nina Hartley would be-ahem-handling his problems. Nina is one of the most-prolific porn stars in history, having made over 650 films at the time she visited our studio. "I grew up in Berkeley, California," she said. "I was very active in the drama department in high school. I came of age during the last time sex was considered to be, overall, more positive than negative. I was very shy sexually, though my mind was full of sexual thoughts. I snuck into my first porn movie when I was a senior in high school and was transfixed. I knew at that time I wanted to get into sex performance. "I started dancing in 1983 as a way to live out fantasies, perform, meet other bisexual women and as a fun way to earn money. I wanted to live a sexually free life and to have sex without being in love. For me, sex has been my vocation, my meal ticket, my path to happiness and self-understanding. I always get the most out of every sexual experience."
"Actually, it was my husband's idea to get into this, and I had an invitation to come to Miami, and I'd never been here before and I love it," said Halcyon Gold, a 52-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from rural North Carolina. In her first fuck scene at, Halcyon goes deep and gets the entire cock wet. We've often said some women suck cock and some women make love to cock. Halcyon is definitely in the latter category. She gets her lipstick all over it then goes deep on the cock once more. Halcyon says her favorite position is doggy so the guy can go deep, and although she gets fucked in a whole lot of other positions, she obviously loves getting it from behind the most from this perfect stranger, a guy she met maybe five minutes before the camera rolled. She also is definitely not a cum dodger. So let's hear it for the newbie! GrannyGetsAFacial: When you're out in public, how do you dress? Halcyon: It really depends on where I'm going. If it's out to Wal-Mart, don't be surprised if you see me in a camo shirt and blue jeans. If I'm going to a party or a nice place, your jaw will be dropping when you see me in a short dress and a top that will barely cover my tits. GrannyGetsAFacial: What do you want to do that you've never done? Halcyon: Go on a cruise and most definitely have sex on the beach! I've also never had a chance to have a threesome with another girl and a guy. The idea of having my pussy eaten while another girl is getting pounded excites me so much that I should probably stop talking about it! GrannyGetsAFacial: What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done? Halcyon: One time, I went to a movie with this guy and about 30 minutes into it, I told him I would be offended if he didn't let me take him back to the car and suck his dick. I did, and when I was done, I climbed over on top of his lap and rode him really good!
What do you expect when you go for a massage at a woman's house? Do you expect a massage? Well, yeah. But do you expect something more? You might very well expect something more if the masseuse is dressed like Kimi Moon, who here is wearing a sheer cover-up that covers nothing, a bra and stockings. No panties. But you never know, right? Maybe she's just comfortable in this outfit. Maybe that's how she always dresses. So she has you lie on your stomach. She oils and rubs your feet and legs, and so far, nothing seems unusual. Just a typical session at your friendly neighborhood massage parlor. She works her way up. She oils and massages your lower back. She really seems to be into her job, and you can't see what we can: her bare ass and hairy pussy. Then she has you turn over, and that's when this massage becomes a whole other thing entirely. Because that's when her skilled hands move to your ever-hardening cock. "You can do happy ending?" you ask. Kimi giggles. Actually, she can do a lot more than happy ending. She can do happy beginning and middle, too. At this point, the massage part of your day is over, unless you count the way this 48-year-old mom (and former kindergarten teacher) rubs down your cock with her hands, mouth and pussy. Your happy ending finally happens in her mouth, and there's no doubt you got your money's worth.
Poor, poor Brick. He's sick in bed. He looks miserable. Not-so-poor Brick. His neighbor is a nurse...a hot nurse, and she knows exactly how to ease his pain. "I think everything will be okay. I think I can make you feel better," Nurse Ciel says as she reaches down and rubs his hard-on. "I have a stomach ache," he says. Hey, buddy, you're gonna have blue balls, too, if you don't submit. Which, of course, he does. Under her dress, this 44-year-old MILF is wearing sexy, white, lacy lingerie. "Holy, shit!" Brick says when he sees Ciel's body. He feels better already! He feels even better when she sucks his cock. His medical condition improves dramatically when she sits on his dick. And he gets it all out of his system by shooting his load in her mouth. "I am all better!" he declares. Now that's what we call a happy ending.
What do you do when your best friend's mom asks you to give her a shoulder and neck massage? Well, that depends on what she looks like. It also depends on whether your best friend is home. If your best friend's mom looks like 40-year-old Denise La Fleur (and your best friend isn't home), you definitely do as you're asked. That's what Milan does, and he ends up with his cock in Mrs. La Fleur's mouth and deep inside her pussy. GrannyGetsAFacial: What would be your perfect day? Denise: A perfect day would start off with brunch and mimosas, then pampering at the spa followed by some early afternoon sex. After that, a little nap to catch up on some energy, ordering in for dinner, followed by a stroll on the beach and then a hot, erotic sex session for dessert. GrannyGetsAFacial: Had you ever had sex with a much-younger man before you came to us? Denise: I had not. I had fantasized about it, of course, and the hubby totally wanted me to, so here I am! GrannyGetsAFacial: Do you like to be watched while you're having sex? Denise: Absolutely! I enjoy being the voyeur as well. Attending orgies is great, but I enjoy getting fucked the most. I love being the center of attention and all eyes are on me, knowing that I'm turning everyone on. That is so hot! GrannyGetsAFacial: What sexually satisfies you best? Denise: With a guy, I like to be in the cowgirl position so I can really achieve the most-intense orgasms. I'm able to grind my clit the best. With a girl, the possibilities are endless!