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The gardener plows Angel

Rating 4.9/5 Stars
Featuring Angel
Date 06/17/2020
Duration 24:00 min.
"I don't know why it is, but I'm much more comfortable naked than I am in clothes," 41-year-old mother and divorcee Angel said. "I'm definitely an exhibitionist. I love posing in front of the camera, I really loved fucking in front of the camera. Hell, I love people looking at me when I'm naked." In this scene, Angel is getting horny watching the gardener tool around her backyard. When his job is done, she slips him a tip. And then she whips out his dick. This scene is true-to-life. "I once took as a lover an 18-year-old landscaper who worked in my condo complex. He was barely out of high school, and he'd never had sex with a woman. He wasn't hard to seduce.

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