Brianna Wildman - XXX MILF video
Brianna Wildman, a 40-year-old swinger, from Las Vegas has names for her tits. The left is Frisky and the right is Friendly. She has a tight, slim body that's in excellent shape with not a pound of fat on her. She's a dance instructor. She's a mature chick who has "slut" written all over her. Her face looks like it was meant to be fucked, her pussy like it was meant to be stretched by a cock.

"I've actually had men come up to me and say, 'You look like you need a good fuck,'" Brianna said. "That line never works, although it definitely gets me thinking."

It just goes to show ya, even a chick like Brianna needs to be treated with a little respect once in a while...before you slam her cunt and jizz her face.

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Great scene and great photos! Bring her back for a hot threesome !!!

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