Cala the cum-drenched divorcee

Cala Craves - XXX MILF video
When this video opens, Cala is wearing a sheer, white top that her nipples are poking through. You'd think this is the kind of thing she'd only wear in private. And you'd be wrong.

"I'm kind of a power freak," this 47-year-old divorcee from Southern California said. "I like to watch guys and see where they're looking. I'm a voyeur and an exhibitionist at the same time. I tan naked in my backyard all the time, and I'm always naked when I walk in front of my windows."

Early in this video, Cala demonstrates how her pussy makes squishy-squishy noises when she works three fingers inside of it. Later, her pussy makes the same noises when there's a cock inside of it. See the connection?

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