How a MILF sells real estate

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How a MILF sells real estate

How do you sell real-estate? Cassy Sullivan shows how: by wearing a see-through top with no bra, something that fully displays your tits. Talk about the "hard" sell! For some reason, the guy seems reluctant, so Cassy really turns on the hard sell by sucking his dick and letting him fuck her pussy. Does Cassy make the sale? You're gonna have to find out for yourself.

We're glad we were able to give Cassy some cock, because a few months after this scene was shot, she told us, "I'm still not getting enough sex from my husband and I'm still working as a phone and cam sex girl. Thank god for that, it's my only sexual outlet!"

Poor Cassy, Her old man just won't give her what she wants and needs.

"I live out all my fantasies online now," she says. "I do girl-girl shows online with one of my best friends, and that's some of the best sex I have. I like that people are watching us, it really makes the whole thing hotter."

What about her grandkids?

"They don't know about Grandma. They're… Read More »
Featuring: Cassy Sullivan and J.T.
Date: February 1st, 2023
Duration: 21:35

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