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Christina Cross - XXX MILF video
What does it take to make a man forget that he's married? What does it take to make him forget that he has a loving wife and kids at home, right next door? Well, in this case, it takes a piece-of-ass like Christina Cross, a 42-year-old mom from Texas, living next door.

In this episode of, "Honey, I Couldn't Help It, She Took My Cock Out And Sucked It!" Christina is dancing sexily in front of her window when she hears a knock on the door. It's her neighbor. His wife sent him over to tell Christina that they can see her dancing through her window. Bad move by the wife. Because how does Christina deal with this henpecked hubby? By sucking his cock and letting him fuck her bald pussy.

We wonder how Christina would've handled it if the wife had come over instead.

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