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Danielle Reage - XXX MILF video
Like a woman stepping out of a 1950s TV show-but in living color-48-year-old Danielle Reage makes her XXX debut. When the video opens, Danielle is lying in bed, wearing sexy black and purple lingerie. She's rubbing her pussy and moaning softly. She looks up into the camera and rubs her pussy some more. The guy appears.

I like to please," Danielle says, now sounding like a woman from the '50s. "I like to do things that make a man happy."

He says that her sucking his cock would make him happy. She says she'd be happy to do it. But first, it's her turn. When he eats Danielle pussy, she cums hard, and you can hear how wet she is. When she sucks, she sucks hard, and when she fucks, she fucks hard. No wonder the divorce rate was so much lower in the '50s.

Danielle is from Central Florida. She's a divorcee who works in marketing, not as a secretary but as one of the brains. She says doing this is "the last thing most people would expect me to do. I guess you could say I'm a very…

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