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Just fucking

Just the sight of a pool table turns on horny 45-year-old Gigi Jewels.

"Ooooh, balls everywhere!" she exclaims.

Here, Gigi gets a lesson in playing pool, but it turns out she's a ringer because when the game starts, she clears the table with no trouble at all. What's her prize? Guess. It ain't money.

Gigi has been an actress, model and stripper. Now, she's a fuck queen and loving it.

"I was nervous at first," she said. "But after a while, I forgot the camera was there."

Gigi says her "biggest turn-on is charm, intelligence and a sexy smile. Besides his face and smile, the first thing I notice about a man is the twinkle in his eye that says, 'I know I'm hot, so let's just fuck our brains out!' I see no reason romance and hot sex can't go together."

Of course, here, they don't. No romance. Just fucking. Enjoy. Gigi did. Read More »
Featuring: Gigi Jewels and Carlos Rios
Duration: 21:44

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