First-timer, not a cum dodger

Janee Diamond - XXX MILF video
The question of whether a woman should have her eyes open or closed when she's sucking and fucking on camera is one men have debated forever. Some women have to be told to open their eyes once in a while and make eye-contact with the viewer. But 46-year-old first-timer Janee Diamond never had to be told. For Janee, looking into the camera and connecting with all of us was a big part of the thrill of doing her first hardcore scene. She got off on the idea of it as much as you're about to get off on watching her.

"It's very exciting," Janee said.

Back home in Atlanta, Georgia, Janee is a wife and stay-at-home mom. A typical day for her might consist of getting the kids fed and ready for school, going to the gym, coming back home and cleaning the house (and maybe using her favorite toy on her pussy), cooking dinner for her husband and children, then going to bed (and by going to bed, we don't mean going to sleep; Janee and her husband have a very active sex life). But here, Janee is…

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