Teacher, teacher, teach me love!

Mimi Moore - XXX MILF video
"I always try to be a classic sexy beauty," Mimi Moore said when we asked her how she dresses when she's out and about. In this video, Mimi isn't out and about. She's a teacher in a classroom, and although she looks classy and sexy, underneath she's wearing a bra that shelves her C-cup tits beautifully and thong panties. In other words, she's dressed underneath exactly how you fantasized that hot teacher in high school was dressed underneath.

Mimi is a 47-year-old divorcee who was born in Texas and lives in California, where she's the mother of a 17-year-old daughter. The daughter's male friends seem to be hanging around the house a lot, and can you blame them? It's good to know that today's high school boys know to appreciate sexy older women.

"I like younger men and older men," Mimi said. "When I was 40, my 25-year-old boyfriend and I once did it in a treehouse."

Mimi says that's the youngest guy she's fucked since she became a mature woman. Tony, the guy she's having sex with in…

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