A big cock for the Russian divorcee

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A big cock for the Russian divorcee

Nicky is from Russia. She's divorced. She was 47 and living in Florida when she shot this scene. Here, she plays out the oldest porn scene in the book: She calls the cable guy for an installation and ends up having him install his hard-on in her pussy. Happens all the time.

"My favorite part was sucking his cock," Nicky said of her scene. "I was so hard and spongy at the same time, and I had a hard time getting my lips around it. I also loved when he finger-fucked my pussy while I was giving him a blow job." She also liked when he shot his load on her face.

Nicky said her three ex-husbands would be shocked if they saw this.

"They were always complaining that I didn't like sex enough," she said. "What they didn't understand is that I didn't like sex with them. I like big cocks. They didn't have them." Read More »
Featuring: Nicky and Anthony Rosano
Date: November 9th, 2022
Duration: 26:13

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