Mischievous Nikki Chevious

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Mischievous Nikki Chevious

"I wanna fuck you like a real woman," Nikki says at the start of this scene. "How I love young guys!"

Nikki sucks cock like a real woman, fucks like a real woman and coaxes the cum from her stud's cock like a real woman. She does it all in this scene, proving again why mature ladies-Nikki is 50-are always the best when it comes to satisfying a man.

You'll notice in this scene that when Nikki is getting fucked from behind, her tits are swaying enticingly. Nikki is proud of her tits.

"I always go braless when I'm home, but I adore my pushup bras for going out," she said. "Men can't keep their eyes off my tits."

Or their hands. Or their cocks.

"I try to have sex at least four or five times a week," she said. "More if I can."

Looks and sounds to us like Nikki can have whatever she wants. Read More »
Featuring: Nikki Chevious and Al B
Date: December 27th, 2023
Duration: 21:36

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