Nowell Mynx fucks like a minx

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Nowell Mynx fucks like a minx

In a scene shot mostly (but not entirely) from your point of view, 50-year-old wife Nowell Mynx sucks cock and fucks and really gets into it. The guy obviously got into it. He shoots his load all over Nowell's pretty face.

Nowell told us her porn idol is SCORE Girl Angela White. She lives in Colorado, has very firm B-cup tits and rarely wears panties.

GrannyGetsAFacial: How do you dress when you're out in public?

Nowell: I will wear a thin shirt with no bra. I may wear shorts with no panties or a skirt with no panties. Or if we're going out and I'm wearing a dress, the same thing underneath. No panties.

GrannyGetsAFacial: What do you want to do that you've never done?

Nowell: A group of women!

GrannyGetsAFacial: What kinds of dates do you like?

Nowell: All sorts. Romantic, fun, sexy. Take me to a glory hole, even. Any that may end up with some sort of mischief at the end.

GrannyGetsAFacial: Are you a nudist?

Nowell: I… Read More »
Date: August 16th, 2023
Duration: 18:33

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