Scoring with a soccer mom

Samantha Ray - XXX MILF video
"I'm so horny," 43-year-old Samantha Ray says as she rubs herself all over. "I'm all by myself. I wish I had a big, hard cock. It would feel so good. I just need one right now."

She turns around and shows us her ass.

"You like my ass?" she asks. "Ooooh, you wanna lick it? You like that big ass? That big, juicy ass?"

Once upon a time, if you told a woman she had a big ass, she'd slap you upside your face. You know, "Does this dress make my ass look too big?" the question all men dreaded? Those days are gone, and it's nice to see a woman like Samantha Ray who's justifiably proud of her big, juicy ass.

"What a sexy outfit," Samantha Ray's stud tells her. By sexy, he means that the G-string she's wearing doesn't cover her asshole. And then the action begins, and Samantha Ray is a hot, horny performer, much hotter than you'd ever expect from a first-timer...a woman who has been married to the same guy for 23 years...a PTA mom...a woman who spends a lot of her time on the sidelines…

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