The cumback MILF

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The cumback MILF

Shannon is a 46-year-old redhead who seems so proper until she has a cock in her cunt. But then, anything goes.

"I'm crazy," she said. "I'm wild. I don't think about the consequences of anything I do. I used to care so much about what everybody thought, but now, I just want to be authentic. This is a great time of my life. I was married for 17 years, had four kids and was unhappy for too many years. I've re-created my life. I love what I do now."

She does a lot of things. She rode a mechanical bull in a bar. She wasn't wearing panties. The security guard threw her out for "showing pink," as he put it. She's fucking on-camera. A guy she met a half hour earlier is blowing his load on her face.

"Life is good," as she rubbed the last of the cum into her skin and took one final lick. "Very good." Read More »
Featuring: Shannon
Date: November 30th, 2022
Duration: 19:02

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