What's in store for Sheila? Cum!

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What's in store for Sheila? Cum!

Look at Sheila. She seems so sweet. But this wife is definitely the kind of woman who you want to keep happy.

"If I don't get laid at least once a day, I pity the person who crosses my path."

Even if that person has a cock that's ready to fuck her?

"I can be just unbearable to be around. And I've never been one for popping my own cork. I need a big, strong cock to make me cum."

She gets one here, right there in a store. Hey, when Sheila's ready to go, any place will do.

"Sometimes I feel like I can't get enough sex," Sheila said in her sexy South Carolina accent. "When I get really horny, I have to find a much-younger man to keep up with me."
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Featuring: Sheila Lane and Alex Gonz
Date: November 23rd, 2022
Duration: 19:18

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