Stormy Lynne's face-glazing

Stormy Lynne - XXX MILF video
When this video opens, 46-year-old divorcee Stormy Lynne is already straddling her man. So much for foreplay. She's wearing sexy, matching bra and panties, stockings and fuck shoes. She has long, blonde hair. She's helping her man unwind after a long day.

"Did you notice my outfit?" she asks him. Of course he did.

"I got it just for you," she says.

And for us, of course.

He turns over. She directs his hands up and down her tight, thin, curvy body. Stormy Lynne's tits are big, especially for such a little woman. She gets on all fours so he can bury his face in her ass. Then she turns around so he can eat and finger her shaved pussy. She seems to be enjoying herself.

"I forgot the camera was there," she told us afterward.

She sucks. She fucks. The bed squeaks. She takes every inch of his cock and then gets her face decorated with cum.

"My family would be aghast if they saw me here," Stormy said. "The people back home in Cincinnati wouldn't believe what they were seeing!"


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