Tori's a sucker for cock

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Tori's a sucker for cock

In her first on-camera XXX, Tori Baker, 47, is working in a lingerie store, dressed in a short skirt, stockings and a sexy purple top that displays plenty of cleavage. In the background, some sleazy pervert is making believe he's shopping for lingerie for his fiancée, even though he doesn't really have one. He tells Tori that his fiancée is built just like the saleswoman (what a coincidence!).

So what does Tori do? She plays along. Why? Because she's horny. She shows him a few items, then tells him she has something that might be perfect: her bra, while she's still wearing it!

"Do you like what's in it or do you like the bra?" Tori asks.

"I think I like both," he says, reaching out his slimy, cheating hands to cop a feel, and before he knows it, he's cheating on his fake fiancée and getting a blow job from the hot lingerie saleswoman and fucking her in positions his fake fiancée never even dreamed of.

There's probably a lesson to be learned from this video, but we're… Read More »
Featuring: Tori Baker and Mirko Steel
Date: November 22nd, 2023
Duration: 19:35

Member Comments

Oh my goodness, such a beautiful saleslady determined to suck the sperm out of the consumer's balls and to drink it, meanwhile allowing him to fuck her in the face. Such a sexy scene. This footage is a winner. Excellent camera-work, with a sexy lady in good-looking lingerie. More sperm for Tori !!

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