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Tyra Love - XXX MILF video
You're just minding your own business, spending a lazy day fishing at the creek, when a MILF who's definitely not dressed for fishing walks over to you. You try to concentrate on what you're doing, but this chick's tits are pouring out of her top, her skirt is super-short, she's wearing fuck-me pumps, and apparently, while you've been fishing for fish, she's been fishing for cock. Looks like she's been having a lot more luck than you've had.

But your luck is about to change. You see, like so many mature women, Tyra isn't shy about going after what she wants. And she knows that if what she wants is cock, she has the looks and body to get it.

"I am making all my fantasies come true," Tyra said. "Having sex on camera has definitely been at the top of my list."

Tyra, who was born in Colombia, keeps herself in fuckable shape by working out daily and dancing. She says she likes "kind, considerate gentlemen who treat women with respect." But she says a scene like the one depicted here…

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