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Raven LeChance is 46 and married. When this scene opens, she's in bed with a guy who is not her husband. She is wearing a short, tight skirt with blue panties. We know she's wearing blue panties because we can see right up her skirt. Tony, her guy, wants her to talk dirty. "I don't know how comfortable I am talking dirty," Raven says. But she is comfortable spreading her legs for Tony's fingers. "Stick your fingers in me," Raven says, coming close to talking dirty. Then she shows off her pussy, which to us is just as good, if not better, than talking dirty. Then she sucks his cock. Then, while she's having her pussy eaten, Raven spews some fuck talk. "Stick your fucking cock in me!" Raven says. "Oh, fuck that pussy!" The cock goes in. Raven gets fucked every which way until she opens her mouth for his cum. Raven was born in Illinois and lives in Florida. She measures 36D-27-37. She's the mother of an 18-year-old. She's a swinger but not a nudist. And she said, "I love having people watch me having sex. It gives me even more energy than usual." Today, thousands of people will be watching her fuck. Somewhere, Raven is full of energy. Probably cock, too.
"Hey, baby, come here. I have a surprise for you. You're gonna like it!" Taylor Lynn calls out to her man at the start of this scene. Now, normally when a woman says that, the surprise might be steak for dinner instead of meat loaf, or maybe she called the cable company and ordered the new sports package. But in this case, Taylor's surprise is that she's dressed to fuck in a fishnet top and a tiny black bra and panties. "It's all for you," Taylor Lynn tells her guy (who, it so happens, is 24 years younger than Taylor Lynn, who's 46. In other words, young enough to be her son). Don't you love when a woman says that? Don't you love when a woman undresses you and goes down on your cock? Don't you love when a woman's mouth is as tight and wet as Taylor's? Don't you love when a woman lets you cum all over her face? We love it even more when that woman is a first-timer, like Taylor Lynn is. "Did you like your surprise?" Taylor Lynn asks her man. Who wouldn't?
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