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Video: 29 mins
Birthday: Dec. 18
Ethnicity: Black
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Muscular

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Melody Mynx has just moved into the neighborhood, and John, her new neighbor, keeps coming by. Friendly, helpful guy, right? Well, maybe. "This is the third time today," she tells him. "I just wanted to see if you needed help," he says. "I can bring your mail in." Bring your mail in? That's his idea of help? Clearly, John wants to help this 45-year-old hottie get her big tits out of her little top, and Melody knows it. "How old are you?" she asks. "I'm in my 20s," he says, at which point Melody decides how he can help her. He can help her cum, for example. And she can help herself to his big cock. And maybe after this scene ended, James helped her wipe his load off her face. Yes, these neighbors are going to get along very well.
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