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Video: 24 mins
Birthday: Jul. 28
Ethnicity: Latino
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Muscular

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Nicol, 61, is a masseuse, and when she arrives, her client is naked and lying face-down. She rubs lotion into his body and has him turn over. She's rubbing in some more lotion into his chest when she decides to go lower...lower...and then she reaches under his towel and takes out his cock! In some massage parlors, this would be a happy ending, but here, it's a very happy beginning. Nicol sits on his face while she sucks his cock. He's 27 (almost young enough to be her grandson), and she loves that young cock. Before long, she's getting her hairy pussy fucked every which way. Nicol has never actually been a masseuse, but she has been a nurse. We have to wonder how hands-on she was with her male patients. She's married and has children and grandchildren (the kids do not know she's here). She's from the Czech Republic, a country known for its horny women. "I like to dress sexy but still elegant for my age," she said. "I would like to sail on a boat in the tropics." She isn't a swinger "but I would love to try it." Nicol says she's sexually assertive. She proves it here.
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